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2002-03-31 02:22:45 (UTC)

sometimes i miss her so much i..

sometimes i miss her so much
i just want to shoot myself.
and i do.
and then i feel better for a little bit.
till the blackness fades.
and then the pain returns
harder and stronger than before.
and i ask myself how it got to this.
how i became such her little whore.
and it hurts.
it burns.
with every kiss.
like another fucking slice.
along my fucked up wrist.
and she grabs my waist.
and i see 10 years inside of her.
10 years longer than him.
but all she sees anymore.
and is another fucking check
for her score.
the lines getting shorter
with every breath.
and the stakes are getting higher.
the airs heavy with sweat.
i said i wouldnt
i said i dont
i said a lot of things.
and so.
now, i wont.
sometimes i miss her so much
i want to fucking die
and so i do.
then i come back
to you.