my life
2002-03-31 02:19:56 (UTC)

Fun Fun Fun... AND SOME MORE FUN!!

Yea its easter vaca and It's startin off on the right
foot.....but on the wrong side of the bed.make sense?! yeah.
Thursday, last day of school for a lil while. yea u know
how i said i wouldnt smoke anymore? whoops... haha i smoked
in kass's closet, then i started tweakin and hit my head
against amandas knee.. OUUUUCCCHHHHHHH FUCKER..
then i remember wakin up on the floor laughing.........

IF this is any interest to you read on.. im just tryin
to keep myself from being bored.
I can never be happy without someone bein mad. gay...

okay bye...

i said leave......