Diary of Me...
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2002-03-31 02:14:06 (UTC)


Well, today was MUCH better then yesterday. I was in a
better mood and not depressed or nothing. We picked up Joe
at like.. 1:30 and then came back here. It was fun! hehe!
We played basketball outside with my dad, sister, and 2
other lil kid people. Theeeeen after that we went bowling!!
I lost of course.. but it's all good. Then we had to drop
him off at his house at 7:30 :-( I want him back here!! I
can't wait until next week though cuz he's sleepin overrrr
and we're going bowling again cuz it's my sister's bday
party. Oh maaan I also got the PHONE bill today. Shiit!
It's not that much, but I only have like.. $14.. and it's
like $22. Ahh fawk! Oh well, I can find a way to pay for
it. That's pretty much my whole day. Hopefully tomorrow is
cool cuz a bunch of ppl are coming over for Easter Dinner
and stuff!