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2001-05-19 20:04:32 (UTC)

Today is not an "Internet Day"!!!

Why the internet connection is sooo slow today???? :-( Some
images I have uploaded in Geocities also 'broken'. That's
too strange!

The URL forwarding I have also didn't work since last
night. So I have to start editing my website (the whole
pages!!!) and signed up for a new URL forwarding! But I
like the new URL I have now:
http://www.Connie.isSmart.com ... hehehehehe I like that!!!
Much better than ".isSexy.com" or ".isSweet.com" ... Yucks!
And I also think that being smart is also sexy ... :P

I'm thinking about meeting my friends again next Fri, esp
Vivi. Haven't met them for almost a month since Azis' 23rd
birthday @ "Nelayan", Senayan. I remember that I also have
promised Abigail to see on stage @ "Club 30" Meredien
Hotel. She said that there's a new male singer from South
Africa. I'm trying to remember now, who's Abi's husband's
name? Can't remember ... hehehehehe ... I feel old now! Hah!

I feel pretty bored @ home actually today, even though I
always miss my room & my PC a lot when I'm out ... :-) I
think I really should go out next week. Let's see, I change
my mind often ... :-) I need to socialize with 'real'
people, not just people I meet on the net, I think.