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2002-03-31 01:24:13 (UTC)

its funny when you know someone..

its funny when you know someone so well.
that you can tell when.
even through they are being completly honest with you.
they are lying to themselves.

yeah 2 years and blah blah.
i need to stop thinking about this.
i am really okay. i just have to stop thinking.
its not going to change anything anyway you know.
so yeah.
fuck me.
im done with it.

i had work today.
i met my baby shaun boy before i had to go in though.
he is so cute.
i love him so much.
every time i see him i swear hes gotten taller.
he is such a cute guy.
and a total sweetheart.
we had breakfast and then he came to my work for awhile.
i love him.

work was boring.
i spent the majority of my day looking for keys to locks
that didnt even fit or work.
frustrating. a whole lot.

im missing people right now.
people i probably shouldnt allow myself to be missing.
if not for my own health.
just my fucking sanity.
but alone time reminds me of people and i hate it.
i cant concentrate on this paper anymore
everything is getting swirly
and i need some coffee.
i need coffee talk with people that arent here.
and i hate it.

its amazing what you take for granted, isnt it?

i mean you can be laying in bed with someone one minute.
and the next.
it seems like you havent talked in years.
and thats probably because you havent.

i feel like all i ever do is catch up with people

fuck it.
im going out tonight man.