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2001-05-19 18:54:39 (UTC)

my first entry

well this si my first entry on name is amanda
militano.i've usually got a lot of stuff to say but i guess
life's really pretty boring fight now.i'm pretty happy
actually!i live in beautiful florida and i have a lot of
friends.i recently moved from indiana and i thought i'd
really miss it but to tell you the truth i really don't!i
miss some of the people but it seems like life is finally
starting to look up for me!after a year of moving around
and family problems things are finally going right.summer
is her and i'm so happy because it trully ahs been a hard
year and i'm ready to finally relax!if amy is reading
this "hi" to her and i miss you.along with my other friends
but for now i guess that that's alll that i have to say!so
bye! ~Amanda