Incoherent Thoughts...
2002-03-30 23:16:48 (UTC)

Good Friday...and then some

Music: none, not even at home...

Well, needless to say, the GF meeting was somewhat of a
success. I was greatly dissapointed that i did not get to
talk to my good friends as much as i would have liked. I
really missed that and now i feel a little sad. :( I miss
everyone and i was tied up all day. Some rather interesting
things did happen though...and for all of you who have heard
the 'gossip' and think you know whats going on, you don't so
do me a favour and talk to me and lets make sure i set
things straight, for everyones sake. I feel bad 'cause i
amde some bad decisions this weekend and now i am left with
the emotional and physical consequences. (the physical
being the huge bruises i have on my arms from Greg and Josh
playing 'sut'friday night). Memorable experience lets just
say. Ah yes, back to GF. I didn't get to hear Micheal
Blakely talk at all (besides friday night and saturday
morning) and i heard it was good. I don't really know what
to say right now...except i was really happy at 4:00pm on
friday and ceased to be so after a conversation at 5:00pm on
friday. Grrr...once again i am left with so many things to
sort out. Seems like i don't ever make the right choices.
Well, as of right now i am at the Jaggards place (and will
be 'til monday i assume)and i am hear by myself. *meh*
'sok. well, when i get things sorted out for myself i will
write about my 'experiences' from friday. Until next time,
same bat time, same bat channel. love you all, i really
do.prayers at this time are needed and would be greatly