mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-30 22:44:23 (UTC)

RE: I Love You !

hello,How do I respond to your letter.I love you with all
my heart but I feel so alone,and unwanted.You say you were
going to buy me a easter present buy were broke,funny how
we can buy for the kids and u,you used the same excuse for
my birthday.Saying I love you is good and all,but showing
someone you love them is more important,and you may think
you are.but your not.little pecks and hugs dont do it.I am
so frustrated about our non-sex life that inside resentment
is building.I figure in my head either I repulse u,or your
getting it somewhere else.The medicine but be part of the
problem,but hell you have been on meds since i have known
you.whatever the reason,I deserve to be treated better than
this.My self esteem used to be pretty high,now it is in the
basement.I dont know what the answer is,but right now I am
hurting,and as usual alone.You should have taken today
off,besides the problems were having,u should have been
here to spend time with your kids.we only get them maybe
once a month and when there here u should call in to spend
time with them.going to work today just proved how much you
care for have no problem calling in when u have a
headache or diarrhea but for me and the kids,u dont
bother.I will always love you and have done everything in
my power to show u this,even when i am feeling my lowest.I
just dont know what to do.maybe u should tell me what we
can do,because I cant keep hurting like u always