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2001-05-19 18:43:05 (UTC)


Somethin I just found:

April 24, 2001

If I was a cyborg, I wouldn't want a lot of me left in the
robot. I would want as little of my own brain as
possible...just enough to say it was me but not enough to
feel human emotion or feelings...That shit fucks you up.
Seriously...what I wouldn't give to know what is going on
inside just ONE person's head..of my chosing...but after I
learn the secrets inside her head I would have to die. Such
sensitive information can not be held in another person's
head for too long or it will cave in on itself...that would
be fine by me because then I would be able to die...not as
fucked up as I am now. How can one human being, if the
female species is as such, inflict so much confusion,
conflict, and even pain on another single human being? It
is beyond me...