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-=-My So Called Life-=-
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2002-03-30 22:22:29 (UTC)

A Few of My Rantings and Ravings

Three Small Words

If i could take back the words
Tossed back and forth
Like the accusations and punches...
If I could take back the words
Then we still wouldn't be alright.
The nights would still be cold
Bitter sweet tension in the air
And my heart would still be aching...
If not breaking as your face turned cold
Icey as your firey eyes
And emotions tangled in your web of stupid lies.
If I could take back the words
Thrown in your face
Exploded in mine...
Even though it would solve nothing,
I probably would...
And would spend my time
Wallowing in the pain
You've entrenched me in
That captured me within
Ever since the first time
We said those three simple words

The Person Within

captivating beauty
enlightening soul
flying free
above the clouds
something real...inside of you.

i still feel it in ur presence
still as the beat of my heart
ever since you ripped me apart
tore my heart to pieces
and shoved it down my throat.

my hatred for you
derived from heartbreak
tears of you
memories of what i thought would never end
and an ending which was only the beginning
....of my own worse nightmare.

a moment in ur presence
tears me from within
and causes my mind to flood
with pain...and despair...

and as ur eyes turned cold
ur priorities flipped around...
ur lies pulling you further in...
i still am captivated by ur beauty
the person....i still see within.

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