2001-05-19 18:39:27 (UTC)

grad, atari-fest, something else...

Alright, so I'm taking Elisse to grad and yesterday she
went with a friend to get her grad dress and my friend
drove them tot he sky-train and I went with them...exciting

well whatev, so last night I was thinkin maybe on Sunday we
could have an Atari-fest so I asked a friend who was going
to see her later to see if she was free for it because we
have been wanting to have an Atari-fest for quite some
time. Well he told me that she was working until nine but
her boyfriend is free...Needless to say, the Atari-fest
ain't happening...

I don't even like her boyfriend...I only tolerate him
because of her...

bah anyways, now for an adventure:

So last week my friend Ryan wants to do something so he
picks me up at my house in his parent's car, a white Chevy
Cavelier (that stalls if it hasn't geared down in a while).
We went to this place called "The Slaughterhouse" which is
an old metal frame of a building in the middle of nowhere.
It was pouring rain and we ran a good way down the path to
try and stay as dry as possible so we could hide in the
shelter of the building. Well, we got there and realized
that when it rains, the entire place is turned into a small I was standing there in the pouring rain, SOAKED,
at the edge of a ginourmus puddle...and I looked down. I
saw a dead frog lying on it's back at my feet. The
Slaugherhouse is in the middle of this clearing in a big,
spooky forest...the frog sorta creeped me out, I will have
to admit... So me and Ryan are trying to make the best of
the visit when I heard these fucked up voices coming from
behind the slaugherhouse. I tried to see where they came
from but saw no one...that creeped me out a bit more so we
decided to leave and drive around for a bit...

So we went cruising in the boonies (Back roads of Fort
Langley) and came upon this road that led right into some
farmers yard and field if u kept going so we went to turn
around and pulled a phat lawn job on the guy's grass; it
was pouring rain so mud FLEW everywhere...and it is a front
wheel drive so he covered the entire passenger side with
mud. To wash it off he decided to drive through some
puddles in the side of the road; I never said he was a big
thinker... So yeah we went cruisin some more, found an
awsome 4x4 spot and eventually found ourselves back in
Walnut Grove (a community in Langley Township, where we
live) the car was still covered in mud and, having no money
to take it to the car wash, we went to mack's. Helpful tip:
In a pinch, you can was mud off a car using napkins from
the bathroom of gas station and the water hose. FIN.

blah yeah and so last night I went walkin da streets wit da
gang...heh yeah..went to denny's and had a cup of coffee
and 3 free refills...then us hooligans went walking around,
talked, shared stories and the like... I had a good was a nice distraction...planning on getting
absolutely shit-faced tonight tho...that might also be a
good distraction...indeed...