Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
2001-05-19 17:51:32 (UTC)

...My Room...

Yet another survey...this one about my room

01. What is the color of your room? green...I wanted to
repaint it but that would involve takin all the pix off the
wall and the color comforts me

02. How big is your bed? twin

03. Do you have personal pictures on the walls? Yup

04. Did your parent's let you pick out the color of your
room? Yup

05. Do you have magazine clippings taped to your walls?

06. How many windows are in your room? one

07. Do you have a tv and VCR? both...the tv I bought with
my acting money

08. Do you have a CD player? in my computer

09. Do you share your room with anyone else? I used to but
not anymore

10. Are you allowed to have food and drinks in your room?

11. Is your room where you spend most of your time?

12. What's your favorite thing about your room? that my
comp is in the cubby hole of the bed (yes its a bunk) and I
can lay down and type

13. What's under your bed? lol broken glass that I didn't
wanna clean up and magazine pages

14. If you could change one thing about your room, what
would it be? Hmmm...The bed should be softer and
bigger...but I'm getting a new mattress next month so its

15. Do you have a desk in your room? Yup

16. Do you always do your homework on that desk? LoL yea my
imaginary homework

17. Do you have a phone in your room? If so what kind? My
celly and my real real phone is that black see
through thing

18. What color is your phone? I just told you

19. Do you have stuffed animals in your room? I have a pink
clown doll...purple big stuffed dolly and
reindeer that I can't sleep without...stuffed dog...beanie
babies.....and a furry orange thing that makes noises

20. What color is your carpet? Don't have one yet...but
they promised me one

21. Do you have a mirror in your room? I have tons of
mirrors in my is decorated with kiss marks :O)

22. What do you dislike most about your room?
Nothing....well maybe my neighbors...theyre seven year old
children that like to bring their friends over and peep
into my room since their window is right next to mine.