Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
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2001-05-19 17:36:02 (UTC)

...thought provoking survey...

I have found a diary loaded with tons of if
some of the next entries are filled with that, my deepest have been warned...

What are your thoughts on abortion? -- I totally support a
womans right to chose...morally I think one should only get
an abortion under these conditions...
1. They were raped
2. They're under the age of 16
3. They have AIDs or HIV and don't want the baby to get it
4. They have ANY disease they don't want to pass on to the

What do you think about reincarnation? -- I believe that
the soul, once passed on, choses whether or not it wants to
come back...whether it has learned any lessons or not. Like
my soul for instance....I think it's trying its damndest to
learn how depressed people react under different find out what the breaking point in a
person is.

Should religion be in schools? -- No...definitly not...I
think different religions should be discussed more then
they are but prayer needs to stay out. People say if they
put prayer back into the schools that it will help children
more with learning morals and respect...that maybe less
children will want to bomb the school. I think that's
bullshit. If you bring God into the classrooms that will
give kids one more thing to rebell against. Morals and
respect does NOT come from comes from the
home and how the child is brought up. I wasn't brought up
in a religious household and I have more morals then most.

Do pop stars have an obligation to be good role models? --
No...they don't. No where in their contract does it
say "You will be a good role model for Mary Glass and David
Tucker". If they have a moral obligation to themeselves to
be a good rolemodel then that's their choice but
really...they can't take care of other parents kids. They
want to be popstars...not babysitters

Is sexual orientation a choice? -- I don't see why sexual
orientation is even an issue.

Whats your veiw on inter-racial relationships? -- My view
on it is like my view on any other relationship in this
world. Do what makes you happy...if it makes YOU happy then
it can't be wrong.

Can/Should teens have longlasting, meaningful romantic
relationships? -- I think they have the ability to, yes.

Is there anything morally wrong with the soceity we live
in? -- Obviously. When you can sip your tea at the same
time as watch children flee from a school where one of
their class mates killed other students, and not flinch.
That's pretty bad.....

Will there ever be world peace? -- Not while I'm alive,
that's for damn sure

Should marijuana be leagalized? -- No

What is your opinion on the right to bear arms? -- It's
absolute bullshit!! That law was made sooo long ago when
you HAD to have a gun not only for protection but for food.
We now live in a world with grocery stores, mase and chain

Do you watch Survivor? -- It bores me

What are your favorite tv shows? -- Boston Public and

Do you read any magazines? -- Constantly...I'm an addict

Do you want to be famous/what for? --I've done a commercial
and print add before and was thinking of going on with that
and being an actress but now I seem to be leaning more
towards singing.

How should the media cover the school shootings? -- I think
they're doing a pretty good job.....most people would say
that they should approach it from neutral territory and not
make the killers sound like freaks but c'mon. They're news
reporters...not superman. In a situation like that it's
hard to hold down your emotion.

Are we as a society desensitized to sex and violence due to
tv and movies? -- Obviously

If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of time,
which one would it be? -- Hmm....Savage Garden

What type(s) of music do you like the most? -- Alternative
and some pop....rock

Is Eminem a musical genious, or a jerk? -- Musical genious

Is music an important part of your life? -- If I didn't
have music I would die...litterally

Are you musically inclined? -- Yes

What do you look like? -- 5* eyes...platinum pix on my site actually

Do you gossip? -- Like a fiend

Do you lie? -- Of course

Whats your dream job? -- Being a singer/face model/record

Do you have emotional issues carried over from childhood? --

Who were you raised by? -- My mom and grandparents

Would a stray pack of wolves done a better job in raising
you? -- Probably would have done the same job

Ever been a bully? -- no....leader yes

Ever been bullied? -- Yes

Favorite quote? -- Don't have one I guess

How mature are you? -- Too mature for my age but in a crowd
or with friends I'm so immature

Fallen in love? -- Once

Lost a loved one due to a mental illness? -- Sort of

Lost a loved one due to death? -- Yes....

Been abused? -- Yes

Are kids educated enough about sex? -- How much more
educated can they be? I don't think it's sex we need to
educate then about....I think it's diseases and moral

Who hurt you? -- Many people...but it doesn't matter

Does anyone know the real you? -- No

Do you ever want to run away and be at one with nature? --
I want to runaway and find what true beauty is

What gives you peace? -- Nothing

Do you love yourself? -- When you're under the impression
that no one else have to

Are you living or just alive? -- just alive

Would you ever kill? -- would ruin what consience I

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