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2001-05-19 17:10:44 (UTC)

I'm tired but it was fun!

I started by waking up at around 3:45 in the morning to go
to Galveston. I went with my mom, my cousin and my sister.
We left our apartment at around 4:20. We arrived like
5:45. It was cool when we got there. First we went to
Walmart to get an icebox, some string, camera (my mom
wanted to get it) and gum. Oh yeah we were gonna go
CRABBING in the JETTY. My cousin told us about that
place. N-E-way, after that, we went to go get sumthin to
eat so we decided to go to Jack in the box to get some
burgers. Then we proceeded to the ferry where it can load
like at least 40 cars to get in the other side where the
jetty is. While we were approaching it, we were so lucky
that we didnt have to wait we just continued driving. It
took us like 15 minutes to get to the other side.
Obviously, we went directly to the jetty. First we had to
walk in this platform stone thingy then we had to walk on
the big boulders where you go crabbing. We walked like 2
miles until we got at the part where many crabs live. We
spent our time catching crabs for like 3 hours. We catched
like more than 50 crabs. Some small, some really big. And
then...we went back home and arrived at around 11:40. I
spent half of the trip back home sleeping. i was soooooooo
tired! but it was fun!