Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
2002-03-30 17:44:18 (UTC)


hey whadup homie g funk!? Josh thinks im nuts cuz i sneezed
on the keyboard so i asked him to get a washrag and soap
and water so i could wipe off the keyboard so no one gets
sick. Am I weird? My bday was thursday me, my mom, and josh
went to eat then shopping, my mom and i are going shopping
again today then off to michigan, arrival time,
approximately 9 oclock pm, people wanna see me, im so
excited its been awhile (and no frank im not talking about
anal penetration) geeze some people, my boy here is
watching snoopy, lil dork, i love him he's such a cutie.
His mom ate my chinese which makes me very sad. My stomach
is now upset, i went to sleep at 9 oclock am then woke back
up at 11:30am, not much sleep im wired, gonna sleep the
whole way to mi, DETROIT WHAT, haha, im a dork. I will be
back prolly the 7th for more entry's and im sure lots of
stories, much fun MAAAAA sorry random noises. Ok well im

Song:ok, played out, but Life House Hangin by a Moment