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2002-03-30 17:11:06 (UTC)

Lastnight...and today

Hey everyone !

My day has been okay so far...Lastnight was so fun ! I went
to my skoolz talent show with some friends...I don't think
the people that won should have...ugghh the judges weren't
fair...blah they sucked ! But oh well...where in life did I
sign a contract saying life would always be fair?

As for skool skool was pretty fun ! Wow I can't
believe I just said that ! Me and Carissa were in class
messing with Bobbie...(hott a$$ freshmen)...and I told him
to let me see his 6-pack... since he thinks he's stakin and
all that otha good shiet ! Lol so he showed me it at the
end of class...and yeah I gotta admit...

His 6-pack was pretty hott ! Lol he was all cut and secxii ! Then he
told me to tush his I those were pretty hard
too ! So yeah all and all yesterday was a good day...besides the
fact that I got dentention for laughing in Biology and
telling the teacher that she pissed me off...and then I got
written up for falling asleep in Sociology...

But it's all good ! I'm almost outta skool n-e way ! Teachers act
like detention is gonna change you...It's like woo I got what ! ! ! Detention doesn't change me,
but overall I'm not a bad student...or a bad person for that
fact..It's just that it was Friday, and I was excited
about the weekend so I was kinda offtask...GIMME A BREAK !
Ughh I can't stand teachers ! I'm getting my hair done for
Easter...gettin it all purtified and

So that should be fun..and then I'm going to church with my
friend Ashely tomorrow so I'm looking forward to that !
Man, you know what I really want right now? A strawberry
kiwi V-8 SPLASH ! ! Gosh those are ssooo good ! Well to me
n-e way...Well yeah I'm kinda outta things to I
guess I'll let you go...Talk to you soon..xoxo Strawbree

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