Aradia Goblin Queen

Aradia's Head
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2001-05-19 16:41:39 (UTC)

bad night, (or the case of "too much thinking")

yea so, yesterday was another interesting time.

ive gotta learn to stop over "stuff" (if you know me, then
you know wot stuff is...heh). seriously tho, i *so* spend
too much time over-analyzing and not enough time just goin-
with the flow...(damn anti-flow repellant).

so, ur probably wondering wot exactly im over analyzing...
at this pt. i d rather not say. only because certain people
could be reading this and we wouldnt want them to inform
the fbi of wot im thinking... (please note that this entry
is due to a lack of sleep and not enough blood to the brain)

but yesterday...yea, everything sorta hit me at once
yesterday. and how do i deal? i go and i cry like a two yr
old. oh well, someone has too..right?

i also think that i need to find more time for myself.
this past semester was spent doing things for other people
and i think im still stuck in that mode. i really havent
relaxed yet. either helping family clean or helping friends
make stuff. not that i mind, i love being out of the house.
i just think ive forgotten how to sit back and chill.

oh well, ive gotta go get dressed. must help with the new
house today.