Steva's Life
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2002-03-30 15:20:55 (UTC)

This is fun

Ok well My day is finally looking up.. My mother is coming
back to the city for some time and bringing my kitty and
my puppy, So i'm really excited about that, My friend is
having personal problems and lovingly he know's i'm here
for him so he calles me yesterday and we talk for a wile.
Witch was nice becuase i needed to talk to someone.

Ok i just turned around and a cartoon was on and the
eiffel Tower just went by.? WTF?

"Ok I'm sober and somthing just got stuck in a frootloop?"

Well I'm excitd because jeff and I changed the room wile
he was here and my mother hasent seen it yet, So i can't
wait to see her face.

I can't beleave it i'm leaving for london in 5 days! I'll
be there for 2 weeks but i'm going to paris for 2 days
because i want to go home to see where i lived back when i
was like 6 and i remember going and watching the berlin
wall come down, i have a couple of pieces of it in the
other apt. Witch was very exciting. But i hope to find
where it was that i stayed with my brother and sister in
law, I want to try to do Euro disny, so who know's.

I want to do alot of theater stuff in london but i know
that my friend who is going will not want to but knowning
me i'll do it alone :-D Becuase i'm that type of person,
I'm used to doing theater stuff alone in NY. So why the
fuck shouldn't i be able to do it there. :-D Get what i'm
saying... Sorry i'm just rambling on...

Well i hope my friend will call me today so he can vent
more becuase he needs it, He's moving here in aug!! With
me! yey! becuase he hates where he's going to school now.
But he's going to be in the city that's he's technicly
Grown up in. The Great thing is that the school that he
applyed to here is right across the street so its not like
he has any train or bus rides to get to school, I mean
maybe for some of his classes but i'm pretty sure that all
of the classes are right in the 2 buildings!? So who
know's We'll know in Aug! ::Crosses fingures:: Lets hope
he gets in! ::Cross your Fingers::

I can't wait for the great party's that him and I will
host. We will have to keep fully stocked with alcohal LOL.
The great thing is that there is a korian Market across
the street that we usally buy beer and stuff from and the
great thing is that they don't ID!!! So that's our mega
suplyer! I mean we have id's and getting jeff one in aug
so we really don't have to worry about it or anything...
But its great and its close and we can get drunk! :-)

Then we have the wonderful sarah, Ode to Sarah. without
her or rio the party's would be Dredful but since they're
usally there its amazing!!! :-)

With My friend going to school he will meet more cute guys
and nice girl to hang out with "maybe he'll get me a boi
too? "

Just keep thinking august!

We Love My fiend because he's a great computer person type
thing and he's doing resurch to get us a better internet
so we can bother be online at the same time and the
internets will be megaly fast...

Well i'm off Kisses

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