lesley's life
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2001-05-19 16:18:07 (UTC)

day three

dear diary,
well here ago again,just in from work had a shit
day, a was so tired didnt get to sleep last nigh until half
past six this morning(but a dont give a fuck)a hope ma
diary is now private aint that sure tho dont no how to work
it yet!! but here ago anyway right a have some good news
christopher was ment to be calling me last night but he
txt me in stead we where chatting from 2 oclkock to 6
oclock this morning a havent had no sleep so am fucked but
a dont give a shit am extreamly happy whoooo!!
we spoke about everything awas quite happy that
christoher told me stuff, how he feels etc.it reminds me
off the old days when we first started going with each
other we used to write each other letters(u could call them
love letters) but also they told me how exactly how he felt
and what he was thinking....a so much loved last nigh
actually being able to sit and talk to christopher it was
really funny actuallly the stuff a ended up saying not
about the love thing and all cos that was deadly seriousbut
a dont no the horny part ha it was funny and the wee half
hours(cant tell u about that)ha your only ma diary...
am so glad that me and christoher has sorted things out
stuff deffinatly needed sorted a couldnt go on like that
anylonger,aw well am going out just the lassies having a
laugh(so glad that there ma m8)dont no where were going tho
proberly stay in get drunk and get pizzaa think christopher
going out with his mates tonight a might give him a call to
see if you got a flight to go on holiday!!!
right a need to go or al get ma assed kicked am always
running late aw well c ya soon diarywrite and keep you
informed k

love lesleyxxxx