Pirate D

Jesus knows where you live
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2001-05-19 15:53:38 (UTC)

if your under 4ft and over 35 you are a bitch

If this drama teacher thinks she can break my spirit by
ruining my once favourite lesson then shes got another
think coming - no, wait she hasnt the only way she'd ever
have more than one brain cell is if she was either
pregnant! Or i was to tap her eye out and skull-fuck the
bitch till she DIED!
I bet you people have it made! No you dont have to deal
with the same bollocks Every! Single! Day! I wish i could
choke the bitch but she would just get the teachers onto me
and they're quite aware of me as it is with the stuff i
wear! This school's built on greed and opression - no thats
the drama teacher...