2002-03-30 07:44:02 (UTC)

Crazy Bitch

My boyfriend's ex girlfriend is the craziest fucking bitch
in the entire world. I swear -- he broke up with you six
months ago!! Get Lost!!! We were at the same place as her
today and she sent this dog toy over with some chick to
give to dan... i think it's some sort of suggestion about
my appearance or something (even though she is not exactly
one to talk and i'm not like ugly or anything)... it
said "who needs a hot karl?" on it... after my boyfriend
explained what it meant... it didn't make much sense and he
didn't have any idea why she did it but i figure since she
saw him with a new girlfriend... i dunno...
then she writes this note to his friend about my bf giving
this guy a 'hot karl' and signs their names together like
they're a couple or something at the bottom... uh...
hate to break it to you... but you're crazy...
I know she still likes him cuz she kept calling his house
(this was like, 3 weeks ago that this happened, when me and
him had already started going out) and it's not like she
was just calling, i mean, she was in fucking hawaii for
crying out loud and was calling him in canada, more than
one time too....
fucking crazy bitch!!!!