Ode to a psycho!HA!
2002-03-30 07:42:13 (UTC)

Whichever comes first

I talked to Brian the other day. It was, nice. sort of a
relife. We didn't talk for very long though. I'll write about
it when I have a little more time. Yes, yes I know it's 2:30
in the morning, but I'm in the middle of finishing four loads
of laundry, and devouring an entire bag of tostitos. We're
going to Grettas on Easter. before that I have to go to
CHURCH to hear dixi sing. I really don't mind, except Chris
will be there, and we'll be put together. and whenever we're
at Grettas Brian's there, not the brian I've been talking
about a different Brian. Oh man. I don't have time to
elaborate, but I'll explain later. for now I have to go pass
out, orthrow up. Whichever comes first.