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2002-03-30 06:46:16 (UTC)

Is it all in Fun?

I know that many people like to go out and have fun with
friends. Whether just chilling or at a public place, but I
also know that many people end up in a situation where
there's alcohol envolved. So in this entry I'm going to
write about something that has ecountered in my life, and
why I've changed my mind about drinking. So when your done
reading you can ask yourself "is it all in fun?"

I was 15 years old, and word had it that there was this big
party happenin at a friend of mines. Anyone who was anyone
was to be their, and for all I knew, I wanted to go! I got
the invite from a really good friend of mine. He told me
the basics the where, when, and what to bring sorta thing.
I wasn't aware that this was a drinking party because I
wasn't told. I had an idea that it would be but I wasn't
sure. When I got to the place there were about 15 people,
and after a few mins or so more and more just showed up.
About 20 mins into the party the empty kitchen table was
now filled with all sorts of bottles. There was captain
morgen, bacardi lemon, "o", peppermint shnapps, wine
coolers, jmmy dean, wild turkey, hennessy, blue 100, and so
on. I had no idea on what was going to happen that night,
so I decided to stay sober, sure you may think "sure she
did the right thing, so what's the catch?" well here's the
catch my best guy friend decided to stick with the crowd.

You may think that "oh well hey it's his loss, but the fact
that he literally can not drink makes this story scary for

Everything was fine at first about an hour or 2 into the
party, until I found my best guy friend being brought down
the stairs from the garage loft by three people. They were
hauling him down cause he couldn't walk. It wasn't that
long into the party and he was already smashed. I knew that
something was wrong cuz the way he looked. I know that when
you are drunk you are out of it, but he looked beyond out
of it. I didn't understand why he decided to drink, because
he knows that if he drinks that he gets seriously sick, and
if he drinks to much that he bleeds internally.

I had the guys put him on the couch inside the house in the
living room, and I tried talking to him. He couldn't speak
one word, in fact he couldn't even hold his head up. i
asked him a few questions like what he did today and what
he ate, but all I got was a few gurgles, and mumbles. He
couldn't hold his head up and he was passing out once in
awhile. I tried to wake him up so that he wouldn't pass
out, but he couldn't focus. I knew that he was gone. I sat
there keeping an eye on him while everyone else was having
a good time, I was too worried. I sat there for a few mins
then I had to leave to go to the bath room. When I returned
he had thrown up all over himself, but he just layed there
in it like he didn't notice. I picked his head up so that
he wouldn't have to lay in it any more, and I had someone
grab me a towel so that I could clean him up. I didn't know
what to do, he kept on puking all over the place, till he
got the dry heaves.

I was so scared, he was so impaired that he couldn't keep
his eyes open, he couldn't focus on what things looked
like. When he would blurt out things that didnt make sense.
He was literally handicapped.His speach was so slurred and
his mouth was all full of drool. I was so worried about
him. I sat there next to him and I hoped that he would get
better but he wouldn't stop puking. I thought "okay if he
keeps puking he'll sober up" yea that would happen
eventually, but when I noticed that he had thrown up blood,
I began to panic. I was so lost, I saw him there laying on
his stomach surrounded in a puddle of vomit, mumbling
words, and drooling, and acting like a handicapped person I
knew I had to do something! I thought for sure something is
seriously wrong with him. I ran around the house and
searched for a few people that were sober so that they can
help me, but there was only 2. I asked them to help me but
the refused, cuz I insisted on taking him to his house and
calling the paramedics. I know that I would be punished but
I would rather do that then let something seriously bad
happen to my friend.

So when I couldn't seek any help, I went back to him and I
found him laying on the floor coughing up blood. It wasn't
like tons of it, but it was little chunks, but it was
enough for me to decide to do something quick!

I paged my friend who was at her cousins, when she called I
told her I needed her help asap, and told her I needed for
her to pick me up, it took her awhile to get there but I
had her take me and him to his house, and we called t he
paramedics. I thought it would be better if we weren't at
the place when we called the paramedics. When they
paramedics arrived, they asked us a bunch of questions. I
told them that me and him were at a party, and he had drank
too much, and that he had been throwing up most of the
night, and he just started to throw up little spots of
blood not so long ago. They took care of him and they said
that they would notify his parents when they got back from
their trip. They brought him to the hospital, and from
there I called my parents and told them what had happened.

It turned out that my friend if he had dranken anymore, he
would of died that night. His alcohol level was extremely
high, and his liver had been slowly seeping blood into
lower abdommen. We both got grounded,and he got a minor for
drinking. We both got communtiy service, and other things,
but I'd say that it was worth it because I got to keep my
best guy friend. That party got busted but I'm glad that I
did what I did even if I did lose some friends because of
it, but all I know is that I saved my friends life. And
he's here with me this day.