~Rose Tinted Glasses~
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2002-03-30 05:51:50 (UTC)

thinking of you

at night i lie awake
and think of you
when i see a shooting star
i wonder if you saw it too
i think of you
and wonder if you are thinking of me
and if you are then what are you thinking
do you feel the same for me
that i feel for you
i wonder how you'd react if i told you
about the thoughts i have of you
how i long to be in your arms
and have you hold me close
whispering soft sweet secrets in my ear
with your breath sending chills down my spine
or feel your lips brush against mine
only to have you pull me in again
for one more kiss

these thoughts swirl
in my mind
at night
when i lie awake
thinking of you
if you are thinking of me