My Life
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2002-03-30 05:08:06 (UTC)

My Grandmother

so tuesday night i got back from phoenix. when i was there,
i went to eat at this place called "charleston's" some not order Alfredo with sauteed vegi's. let's
just say...FOOR POISONING! i was up at 2am puking every 20
minutes. so i just slept on the bathroom floor. but the bad
thing was i wasn't home, and at this stranger's house. but
she was so nice. i wish i had her as an aunt. i had to
drive 6 hours in the car throwing up. ergh i wanted to die!
i got back, and i was OUT. seriously i took half te bottle
of sudafed and went to BED. that was great cuz i woke up
around 2 am. i was WIDE awake. i felt fine all except for
the fact my eye was glued shut because i guess i started a
eye infection. so that wasn't good. oh! and i had a bad
the next night my grandmother went to the ER for the third
time this month. she had always complained, but this time i
had a feeling it was the last time i would see her. so i
went, and said i loved her and stuff.
the next morning my parents were still at the hospital. so
i got ready, yanked my eye open, jumped in the shower, and
got ready to go see her.
then they inform me that they are coming home, because my
aunt and uncle are there. blahblahblah yada yada yada. i
went to eat lunch with my friend erin, roll polly is the
best, anyway,,, thats beside the point...when i got picked
up from erin's my mom informed me that we had to go see
grandma because they were going to go take the life support
off of her. so we went, they took it off and we sat there
for an hour and a half. she died March 29, 2002 at 6:55 pm
it was scary. she practically suffocated to death. i cried.
i can't explain it. im afraid of death soo soo much. i
don't want to die. and if i do, i don't want to know where
im supposed to go. what about reincarnation? i donno. i
just don't know! someone needs to help me. i need a friend.
and paul...he thinks im too young. you know why girls go
for young guys? cuz they act MORE MATURE! ergh! frosh to
senior. that sounds fine. o well. i still have travis...i
hope. he hasn't called or anything. maybe hes not
interested. wow. this sucks. and they say im hott,
beautiful blah blah blah then why the hell can't i get a
b/f????! okay i gotta go to bed now. ims are flashing. they
are calling me! wah wah wah i could die.

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