Sal Paradise

Sal Paradise
2002-03-30 05:07:03 (UTC)

Light Blue Balloon

Our misconceptions and mind erections
lead to nothing good
a simple hug, "hi"
a simple wave, "bye"
are what keep us friends alive
the day before your birthday
I listen to the wind say
"do you really think you're alive?"
I tilt my head back
on the metal bench rack
I grin and smile
and I think of you
I see this light blue
deflated balloon
fly..... not very high
I touch my chest
forget the rest
you're all I have inside
My head aches too much
to sing "happy birthday"
but you will survive
I look up at the light blue sky
I see, in the distance
the wind resistance of
the light blue
deflated balloon
I try to catch it
but instead it matches
the light blue Los Angeles sky
Now, I'm not going to lie
but I promise I can fly
and, well, even if I could
it wouldn't do be any good
I hear the sirens cry
I've never felt less alive
I shut my eyes off and feel them burn
I touch my skin and watch it turn
I see this light blue
deflated balloon
fade into the sky
far up in my mind