2002-03-30 04:48:42 (UTC)

WHAT ALL GUYS SHOULD KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I'm sick and tired of having guys IM me and ask what
my bra size is before they ask my name.

I just got IM'd by this guy yesterday. His name is Josh,
and at first he seemed like a nice guy. Especially cause he
plays in a christian band, and the guys have reall good
religious bio's. Mainly the point where one of them stated
that none of the band members do drugs. Which seemed real
cool cause most bands I know do that atleast ocassionaly.
But anyway, the next day I talk to him, and one of the
first things he asks is do you have a pic? As normall as
that question seems, whenever I hear that I always seem
alert for a pervert. It shouldn't matter. He can't see me
anyway. Would it help the conversation if he had a picture
to prove to himself that I'm pretty?

That's nothing. After talking about colleges, (he goes to
college,) he just pops out with the question out of the
blue: "Would you ever think of becoming a striper?" I think it's obvious that the
girl would get upset. But ofcourse th guy thinks it's no
big deal. So I asked him, is that how he always makes
conversation. He said no. That he has striper friends.

Then he has the nerve to ask if I'm a virgin or not. I
mean, he doesn't know scrap about me, he doesn't know if he
has a chance with me, and all of a sudden he asks if I'm a
virgin? He seemed nice at first, but then again don't they

Point being, girls don't wanna be asked what's their bra
size, if they are virgin's, or anything sexual. Personally,
it pisses me off, as well as disgusts me and doesn't give
me a very good impression of who I'm talking to. So guys,
don't be perverts on line, or in person. You should have
figured that out by now. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I always say, "Coffee is much better then Guys!"