victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
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2002-03-30 04:41:05 (UTC)

do people really exist when..

do people really exist when they're not right in front of
you? maybe they don't
after all, they're not there so how do you really know
is believing truly in its element when its involved with
people melt into the woodwork when they're not affecting
you in the present that how it goes?
people just living in oblivion
stepping out of their puddle to breathe long enough to
create a ripple in your stream of consciousness
living in oblivion
where no one really knows the truth of their lives except
but then even sometimes it's cloudy
because people are never really truthful to themselves
and try to justify their actions and feelings with
falsehoods and untruths to ameliorate the ache in oblivion.....