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2002-03-30 04:17:57 (UTC)

SkuzVayne 9 C 1: educational games sound fun

Psycho, Groupie, Cocaine, Crazy,

Im god damn bored and pissed, my car is being a bitch so i
take it down a mechanic, he tells me it needs a tune up and
idler motor cuz the one it had sucks balls. replaces the
with a new one, i get down there to pick it up, runs still
the same and it cost me 230 dollars. btw, as i was going
out the door, please bring it back so we can do a diagnosis
on it again. im like here is my penis, start sucking!! so
im gonna have to send it to someplace else to see what they
think and im gonna give it a tune up. The Motto of the
mechanic is: "We Fix It Right The First Time!!" thats
bullshit when you say please come back again and give us
more money, so they made my list, and that list grows more
every day.

Tommarow is Saturday, wake up, cash my check, buy a few
things then werk on the car a little if i can find things
to tinker with. might test my new drill with the sanding
attachments and take some surface rust off for fun. Amber
asked to do sumthing, but i dunno if i will, dont feel like
doing any driving.

etc etc. AIM = SkuzVayne9c1, msg me for more, gonna play
simcity some more

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