The Nine Faces of Dave
2002-03-30 04:12:43 (UTC)

spring break trip to the wait-list

I'm sick. First day of spring break, and I get sick. Don't
know what it is, don't care. All I know is, I feel awful.

I slept until about noon today, so minus the time spent up
with the dog, I probably got at least nine hours. Felt fine
until this afternoon, then it started.

Strangely enough, the coming of this illness coincided with
my receipt of a letter from the University of Chicago. I've
been wait-listed. My first reaction was something along the
lines of "What the fuck?!"

A friend of mine was accepted, and while our SAT scores are
about the same, my grades are significantly better. He had
two advantages, though: his father had gone to Chicago, and
he plays hockey on the school team.

It still begs one question: if I am second in my class, have
a 1560 SAT, and was a national merit finalist, and then they
wait-list me, what the hell do they want?

I'm thinking they might have rejected me due to geographic
issues, i.e. they already accepted one person from my high
school. Still, that's a pretty stupid reason.

In other, happier news, my mother has apparently decided to
stop badgering me about the prom. Guess it must have just
been the tux shop ad that got her going on that. Of course,
I still might try to go, but all attempts will be made with
no outside interference.

To sum everything up, I'm sick, tired, wait-listed, and, as
usual, bummed about my life.