Reality Bites
2002-03-30 03:33:13 (UTC)

hey hey hey

Wowzers, I havent written in this thing in forever! I'm on
spring break! yay!! Today Carli and I went crusin in her
new convertable which was OH so fun...hotties everywhere,
we met some guys which was cool. Mia's in DisneyLand and
she's gonna open her birthday present from me which is that
I'm taking her to Hawaii with me this summer in about 5
hrs. at midnight...Im way excited...she has NO idea! Umm
what else..Alyss and I have sort of drifted apart cause of
Tom...whatever tho, her loss I suppose...She's in Mexico
this break. im watching friends which is only the best show
EVER! I had cheerleading tryouts and they went really well.
I made it. i gotta go, my cousins here...xoxo love ya