ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-03-30 03:17:36 (UTC)

I M Not loNelY

Ok, i was just really sad and lonely cuz i called
everyone but no one was home, but Rafa just called so all
is well!!!!!!!

waell, to day me, Kristy and Brian went to the
zoo! it was actually pretty cool cuz all the animals were
out and stuff. but anywayz, after that we went and met
our parents at Cooper's Town and ate dinner. then dad and
Brian left for the baseball game and the rest of us went
home. I tried calling Chris, Rafa, Britt, and Stix cuz
they all wanted me to hang out with them, but no one
would answer their freaken phones!! but Rafa called me
back ! :) so im going to go over to her house and chill,
and probably spend the nite too!! well, i gotta go
now, so ill write more lata!!