No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-03-30 02:55:54 (UTC)

my day

hey! my day was kinda interesting.
I met matt's friend chris. Tricia and I went over to
Chris's nana's and hung out with them. While we were
swimming, Matt picked me up and when my back shifted it
scraped against his watch adn i have a nasty scratch. It
was all bleeding, it is ok though. When we got out of the
pool Chris cleaned it. I had fun. My mom got mad cuz I
forgot to call her before I left. Therefore, she came at 5
to get us. She was mad at first, but got over it really
I bet you wanna know what I think of Chris, well too bad.
j/k. He's cool. He's fun to hang out wtih, cute, he can
play guitar and he can skateboard. Guitar and skateboard =
major points. lol.
well, i'm gunna go. Bye!

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