Precious Moments
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2001-05-19 12:16:03 (UTC)

Good Morning

Today is my first day of writing in this diary. I have
been wanting for so long. It seems time is always an
issue. As a working mother, I see how many things always
needs to get done and there never seems to be enough time.
But we really have to make time for the important things,
such as family, and doing something positive with our
lives. I love reading positive quotes and reading
inspirational books. I feel like I could learn from these
things. When I see people going through adversity, I see
two kinds of people those who let the negativity win and
those who while they are going through adversity become
stronger. My friends to me this means hope. I am just a
student to this. I would like to master it someday. There
is always someone worse than we and we should never forget
this. The mind is a powerful tool God has given to us. We
MUST use it wisely under his guidance. I notice when I do
not remember his words or his presence I do it my way and
as a human sometimes the choices are not the best ones. I
turn to him and he shows me the straight path. And you know
what I feel better about myself, becasue I can respect

May the presence of God be real for all of us.

Here is the quote for the Day: "Look at the positives and
learn something from them."