Meshed Up
2002-03-30 02:01:29 (UTC)

possibly nothing

a friend of mine looks really good with wet hair.

played starcraft here in this computer till the wee hours
of the morning last night (i mean this morning). my
goodness..never thought a game could last that long...i
still suck in starcraft of course...and in
counterstrike...and in possibly every computer game there
is except for freecell and hearts.

how boring.

mmm...tori amos is singing right now...'never was a
cornflake girl. thought that was a good solution hiding
with the raisin girls...'

oh yeah...watched 'the tunnel' on sbs last night. about
west germans trying to smuggle east germans into west
germany. the berlin wall wasn't as big and as intimidating
as i thought.

somebody said 'the more you speak the more you express your

still can't get over the 'french' girls yesterday. still
seething mad over possibly nothing.