Like a book
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2001-05-19 11:10:03 (UTC)

No Halo


Angry, I'm very angry, or at least I was. I was strugling
with my maths because I couldn't find out a pattern, it
turned out my results were faulty, I guess that's what's
going to happen in physic, a faulty conclusion because
Rosanna spent the entire lesson playing with the magnets
instead of doing the stupid experiment.

Kung-fu, I keeep practicing it, it's a lot more fun then
revision. maybe that's why. I hsouldn't be here at this
moment, i should finish my english homework but it's
impossible. We have to write about all the little things
that we love but I can't think of any!

There's this one stance called a pissing toad and I guess
this is kind of inspirational but I couldn't do it this
morning and now I can... for a millisecond.

It's really weird, this morning at 9am my mum says to me,
"have you finished your homework?" Ok, so i'm a little
clever, but it's not skill or talent, it's the fact that I'm
a year older then every one else, sometimes I think she sees
me as a computer. It turns out she only wanted to know
because tomorrow she's dragging me along to Brixton (again)
to help paint the flat, two weeks fom the exams. But when I
come to think of it I probabaly wouldn't have studied.

I was idly playing solitaire while waiting for the
connection when my dad asks "Who taught you that game?" the
computer I answered because that's where I thought I'd
learnt it. He then says he taught me. "No you didn't" I
reply, but just out of curiosity I ask when he taught me. He
said that he did when I was little, I almost cried. i'm not
sure why but I did.


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