2002-03-30 00:50:48 (UTC)

Painting Day/Planting DaY

On the way back from Navarre Beach, I found an exquisite
Wisteria (#6) specimen in Baghdad, growing along side the
road and up a Florida Pine tree. I extracted it using both
hands & a choke hold to pry it loose from between the 2
trees, but succeeded with at least 5 inch girth of trunk,
we'll see if survives. Planted on Northeast corner of pond
near pathway. I think it will make a good beginning for a
canopy walkway along the dam where the road (which will
cease as soon as I can get dad to stop driving over it) is
already located. It has a very nice shape already and will
train, hopefully.

Planted 5th which I took from yesterdays booty, and had
been soaking overnight and planted at Red Maple along
pathway around pond and strung through the tree. Arbored
the 4th, which must be about 20' in 2 whips in a tree along

Garden is dong marvelously. Planted more gourmet Lettuce
blend, Mint, Spinnach, in that order in case I forget.
Then, more Pak Choy which is a suprise to be growing so

Larry Allen, a neighbor stopped this morning to take photos
of pink/yellow bushes on highway 2 which I took
cuttings/roots from. He says they are a rare and endangered
form of Florida Honeysuckle.

Watering is taking up too much time. Come up with
irrigation/fertilization measures or u will never get

I have been having major urges to go to New Orleans, next
weekend is Jazz Festival!!!

I pulled all my art supplies together & formed up my easel
& am ready to start painting again. The enigma, as well as
need for cash, has struck.