a little piece of me
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2002-03-30 00:15:06 (UTC)

package from turtle!

turtle sent me a package and i got it today :) he wrote me
the most amazing letter. it made me cry (i'm such a
girl!!). he also burned a couple cd's he thought i would
like. the best part, though, was that he sent me a
painting. he had sent me a picture of it, and i told him
how much i liked it. he sent it to me! i can't believe he
did that. i feel so bad, but so happy at the same time.
it's such a beautiful painting. i guess cause i can feel
what he was feeling when he painted it. sigh. that's my

well, i've yet to head over and start his ring. i wasn't
going to go afterall, cause i just got off the phone with
heather (who, by the way, has no genitals). now i think i
am going to go, cause i don't have anything to do until i
get to talk to him again, and i'm so impatient. i'm going
to take my new cd's over and work on his ring. oh, that
reminds me. i sold a couple of my cd's today so i could
buy him this really cute stuffed turtle i saw. i know
he'll like it. i also finished his 'bitch' shirt :D so
funny. hope he likes it. it's a really pretty bluish gray
color. dunno if he'll wear it or not.

i also, against my better judgement, bought brett something
today, too. i'm not going to write about it, though,
because i don't want him to know what it is. heather also
got her package. that's why she called--hehe, she had to
chew me out and informed me that i'm getting my ass kicked
when i come down to see her this summer. lol, she wouldn't

ok, well, i am off to work on the ring. take care everyone.