Alli's Journal
2002-03-29 23:54:55 (UTC)

First entry!

Hey everyone.... well this is my new online Journal...
I'm not going to say much because I'm going out soon to the
movies with Chrissy.
I'm 16, live on Long Island, NY, I love Theatre and RENT.
I'm single ::wink:: LOL. I have two major websites, please
check them out and sign the guestbook!
The Official Darryl Ordell Website
My Official Homepage

Shoutz out to all my friends!

Hey Stevie! I'm Stevie's fagHag, 4eva and always!

I'm soooo hungry cause i'm the 'smart start' diet thing,
ughhhh. But I'll binge at the movies, LOL. Or NOT. My
sweet 16 is coming up, please foward all presents to ME. =)

Alrightyy well that's it!!!!! Lata! =)

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