mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-29 23:34:54 (UTC)

Depression & Children.....

I am not sure how to handle situation at moment. I am
startin to feel better being on new med, but i have 1 side
effect that is not helping my relationship w/lisa. Lisa is
also fallin deeper into depression, and i am trying best
to keep her from falling but kids are up and she wants to
be there for them , it is soo hard to keep it all in
perspective. Why is life so difficult ?
kids are too young to understand what we are goin through,
and im not sure we will even have money for rent this week.
I am scared about that, but caant tell lisa, cause she is
under enough pressure at moment.
Went to court yesterday, contempt charge was dropped, but
kids have to go w/their so called dad startin next week.
They really want no part of him, but at moment our hands
are tied. Lisa & I both agree that it is not good for kids
to be with him, but we need to go back to court with
letters from kids counselors to stop visitation.
We are gonna work on that asap, then in order to get him to
be totally out of our lives, I will have to adopt Mike &
Nicole, which I will gladly do. I love them both and only
want what is best for them and their mom as well.
I am trying my best to keep level headed over all of this,
as it is BIG mouthfull and kida hard to swallow all at
once , but we will survive.
I guess that is about it for now.... just remember this..