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2002-03-29 23:07:28 (UTC)

the track and cc peppers

hey today was soo great i stayed up til 4 oclock talking
online and watching TV then got up at 10 this morning to
get online again then comes the fun part i go down to the
track to practice events type things with
Kendra,Jordan,brittany,woodward,and jessica. it was great i
tried the long jump aand after i landed on my feet i then
fell flat on my face. jordan is so incredible at thathe
looks so funny when he jumps though but hey it works
apparently. woodward and I worked on handoffs and i came to
a conclusion. if woodward was as good at handing off as he
was running and if i was as good at running as i was at
handing off we would be unstopable. but unfortunately it
wont happen. woodward on the other hand can just be the
fourth person to go. oh well it was still alot of fun. then
ben had to leave and jordan i guess went kating around so
brit, kendra jessica and i crapily hid jordans stuff in the
trees, he found most of his stuff cept his cleet right
above his head. then his helmet that got pointed out to
him. we all then went to cc peppers got and chilled there
for a little bit then all the girls left so jordan and i
went around for bout an hour and 15 minutes. it was alot of
fun we talked about how we r gonna be truck drivers when we
get older. jordans mom came to pick him up and i rode my
bike home witch leads me to right hear not much else

~sweet J~

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