Thoughts arrive like butterflies
Ad 0:
2002-03-29 22:25:40 (UTC)


Just something I've noticed on
here...everyone's "midnight" or "angel" and..."i'm so
depressed". I'm not bitching or anything, but when I first
signed up, I thought it'd be (much cooler than t is now but
still) cool. I mean, all these people with very different
lives, and it's not being rude or..invading their privacy,
because 1. You don't know them 2. It's public and not
private 3. They're HERE where you can read them...and it
started off like that...if I was bored, I could just look
at this was like reading Adrian!
But now it's "OOh, no one understands, I cut my self and
I'm worried about my mum finding out, My mum won't let me
go see sum41, blah, blah, b;ah".

Again, I'm not bitching...just ranting.

Love, and I am.....Madame Lie.