Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-03-29 22:16:06 (UTC)


the moon is red...huh?
It WAS red....and it's sooo creepy. Not creepy-weird. I've
only seen orange moons ans red suns.... the end is nigh, my

Urr...Mansons site has been updated, woohoo!! If I've
mentioned this already, then I'm just repeating myself..and
I'm stupid. Which everybody knows I already am. It was
updated like...a week ago(?) and it's umm....cabouret-
ish....burlesque..very cool.

Jeez, I swear...everyone wants to be like meeee. I was just
getting into that kind of thing, then along comes THIS
update and...
Oh, and THE_TASTE_OF_METAL, then metal teeth?

Anyways, I'll just kindly shut the fuck up, now.