The Tiger's Flame
2001-05-19 09:19:25 (UTC)

skool's over!!!

SCHOOL IS DEFINETLY OVER!!!! no more sitting in classes i
hate and taking boring old notes from boring old teachers!
yesterday was my last teaching day as a year 11 student at
Wilkinson High. i still have to go in for the exams which
start on June 4th (linkin park gig that i can't go to) and
end on June 26th but i never have to do science, sociology,
PE, english, french and textiles ever again!!!!! im so

neways yesterday was kinda kewl, we had a morning assembly
with our Division which was dedicated to us. then we had
an afternoon assembly for the year 11's only and all of our
form tutors made a little speech for us and we gave them
presents. lots of people were crying but i managed to keep
the tears down, i know girls are meant to be really
emotional, but i guess i couldn't cry because the last last
day would be on my last exam, not yesterday. i really will
miss these people and i hope that i keep in touch with
them, well at least the ones i like!

today im meant to be studying, but its nice and sunny
outside and i can't be bothered, i'll probably start all of
the proper revision on Monday.

i was really worried yesterday as well as being quite sad
because i needed a rehersal schedual for the school
production im doing of Bugsy Malone, but i couldn't find Ms
Crayie. also Ms Hald said somthing to me, but i couldn't
hear her properly b/c of the noise so it sounded more like
a mumble. i was thinking over it last night, and then i
realised that she wanted the guitar bill. see shes the
music teacher at the skool and im learning guitar. so now
i have to figure out a way to get the money to her.

im getting really annoyed now coz my chair is squeaking
(SP?) everytime i move, so i have to keep still, and thats
a virtually impossible thing for me to do.

neways gotta go now i need to check my email before the
mailbox gets full, and trust me it gets very full in 24hrs.


*love peace happiness makes the world go round* (moi)

whilst i was typing my little quote that i made in a boring
history lesson last year i remembered something that really
pissed me off. ok, i was signing my friend's leaving book
after Maryam. i turned back to see what Maryam wrote, it
was fine until the end, she signed off
'peace love happiness makes the world go round'
i was very angry, how dare she copy my quote, i should have
put a copyrite (SP?) on it the moment i made it, but i
thought that thats going overboard! just b/c she put peace
first doesn't mean she can have it! she has to make up her
own one!! she's obv that stupid that she has to copy mine!
and the worst thing is that shes staying with me for 6th
Form!! at first i thought that i shouldn't over-react, u
know, maybe she only put it in this one book, but then
Sophie came up to me and saw it, she said that Maryam put
it in everyone's book!! i was mega angry, i wanted to punch
the bitch!! i also realised that she had copied my whole
style!!! the next time i saw her was later on that day!!
she really pissed me off!! she was watching what i wrote in
everyone's books, then after i finished writing, she would
ask if she could write in it then she's read wot i wrote!!!
i didn't want to start a fight on the last day otherwise i
would be suspended and wouldn't be allowed to come on the
first exam, so i kept my fists away and my mouth shut. but
u wait until the 6th Form, that girl is gonna PAY!!!!
bitch, bitch, bitch that is wot she is!!!!

im going to cool off.


*love peace happiness makes the world go round © *
(me!!!!!! u hear that bitch, its made by MEEEE!!!!!!!!!)