If the Truth be Told...
2002-03-29 21:42:00 (UTC)

1 A.M.

I have recently been going through allll kinds of changes
psychologically, physically, and in my love life. I feel
that it is all positive and moving me towards my true
destiny. I am on the path of the Orisas and seeking my
guardian angel. I am excited by the prospect of FINALLY
finding WENDY underneath all of the men, sex, drugs, lies,
and other assorted debris. I feel more empowered and
protected by the Universe than I have in my entire
Sooo.. the phone rings at 1 A.M. It is my greatest
temptation on the other end pleading with me to come back
to him, but at the same time wishing me happiness with the
other lover (who, by the way, is the greatest thing in bed
I have EVER experienced! I am sooo shocked). I was able to
maintain complete control by telling him NO and that I
cannot allow him back into my heart. The truth is, I love
Peter Manzano more than any man I have ever loved and with
a passion I have not felt in 3 marriages COMBINED! I want
to see him tonight, but not in a conventional way..... I
want a fantasy come true. I want ---tonight---to smoke with
my lovers- BOTH- and make love all night. I have a court
date next week and I want to spend the night TONIGHT doing
what pleases ME. Peter and WES please me with their company
and sexuality and loose morals. I want to have fun tonight.
I don't want to think about homeless husbands, a poor sex
life with him, and the stress of that relationship on THIS
weekend! SHIT!Well, forward, Miss Thing. ACHE'!