Steva's Life
2002-03-29 21:28:35 (UTC)

I don't know what to say

Ok, Jeff Made me put somthing in.

Ok well I've had a ruff Couple of days, My neighbors
german shepord attacked my Jack Russel Terrier and my dog
bandit has a Blused Sholder and will be in pain for a
wile. But this is the 4th dog and wile the dog was with
the owners son it attacked 1 person, then of corse they
brought it here. But i'm afrade to walk on that road.
But my other neighbor Called the police after my mother
called saying his feelings because all 3 "well 2 now
because the other one passed away " were attacked by the
same dog and he called to speek his mind and my brother
called because he's afrade to have his daughter and new
baby son over at my mother's house because of the dog, And
now i want that dog put down becuase it shouldn't be
around there. She has been trying for a wile to get it to
be better, its nice to people but hell to other animales,
But it had never been fixed when it was young so that's
why its like this. But hopfully from all the people
calling the police were hoping somthing will go though..
The police is supposed to come down today and talk to them
so cross your fingers.

I thank jeff as much as i can. He sat through me freaking
out last night. when my mother told me about it i went in
to shock for about 10 mins, And then it really hit me and
i broke in to tears and started screaming at my mother
because i was so upset about this happening. Then i got
off the phone with my mother and then went to times square
and walked around it at least 12 times and then i went to
the eatery and then had a malt up there and then i went to
rush rent there was about 200 people there and guess
what!!! I got in, it was wonderful becuase i needed
somthing good to happen to me, But i really wasent up to
it i wanted to walk out after the first act but i just
couldn't, so i stayed and enjoyed it and then went home
and talked to jeff...

Then this afternoon jeff wanted to call me becuase he
wanted to talk. And i needed to talk to someone who i
could trust "no affence alli I love you" I just needed to
talk to someone who knew the people and things that went

Well jeff called me and it was a first "well i usally call
him more then he calls me :-) " But i hope he'll begin to
call me more becuase i really enjoyed talking to him.

I can't wait for augist becuase he's moving down with me
and we'll be able to talk to eachother whenever we need

All i have to say is BOYS SUCK! Lets get rid of them!

Except for some stuped ones for some fun once and a wile

Well i'll probly write more later... Kiss

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