My Thoughts and Feelings
2001-05-19 08:35:24 (UTC)

What a Day!

What a day I have had. Not that it was exciting in any
way, just that it was the premiere opening of "Shrek"
and "Angel Eyes" and the movies were selling out. I
worked box office tonight and it was hectic!! Not to
mention having worked from 11am-12am. I talked to my boss
about the e-mail and things are just fine between us. Not
that I will ever do that again, but atleast he reassured me
that it was not at all a foolish thing to have done. I
will work open to close again tomorrow. (11am-12am)
Brandon (my boss) will be closing with me, so maybe it
won't suck too bad. After work tonight I went to hang out
with my bf and some of our friends. We had a good time!!
But not too good, or else I would not be here writing this
now. Well, sorry I had nothing exciting to add today, but
at leasst things are okay for the moment. That's all for
tonight. Until next time.....

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