Jena's Rants
2001-05-19 07:47:51 (UTC)

What the fuck is going on.............?????

I have no clue what drug that I have done tonight is
influencing me at this moment, but I do know that at this
moment I am extremely fucked up. This is uh, written from
King Herbage's house, and The Ex Man just spilled the
King's beer. Anywho, I can barely see straight - so far
the Marajuana that I smoked with my mom (haha, special
family bonding time)has been the perfect bass line for the
melody of beautiful narcotics, disassociatives,
amphetamines, and hallucinagenics that I have sprinkled my
aura with. I am so happy!!!!! Yah! Okay can't function,
so keys will no longer move.

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