Psychotic Rambles
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2002-03-29 17:46:42 (UTC)

Coke Boogers

i was talking to eskimo and thomas the other day and i had
this soda in my hand and right when i take a drink thomas
just gives me this LOOK and i bust out laughing except i
didnt open my mouth and therefore it came pouring out my
nose...which is really ahm...nasty. lol. that day i also
met david green's brother (sophomore) and he seems like a
pretty cool dude. lol iknow he saw me and the soda thing
and so every 10 minutes i would yell "you didnt see
ANYTHING!!" i was hyper that days.

alex beat his spermathon record from 65 seconds to 27
seconds. kewlio

i want to go out and skate but i cant. and i'm learning
madd chords on my guitar. keyword here: learning. i'm
actually doing something instead of screwing around!!

we had this idiot foreign language festival today and i was
forced to participate in 2 events. i missed one because i
wasnt paying attention to the time. i skipped the awards
ceremony just in case ms mele would feel like interrogating
me and i'm hoping she'll forget the little incident by

Brian Cajigal is the weirdest thing in the world! one
minute hes calling me a satanist and then we're all getting
along about how great life is and how much we respect each
other's beliefs. I mean, he's cool, i could even get past
the religious fanatic part, because hell, if it makes him
appy then who am i to say he shouldnt be like that? it was
just a big change and he does seem more...content. i mean,
yea, i kinda like him, but of course its not like i'm gonna
go out and say "brian please go out with me i have a huge
crush on you". as far as i know he's not even allowed to
have a girlfriend (some story about this chick who got
dumped and tried to kill herself and the dude...some people
his dad knew and then he forbade girlfriends) and even if
it would just be for maybe a week tops. thats always my
luck. ugh. and then he probably still would be close to me.
so i guess it doesnt matter. but it is an interesting
endeavor to flirt with him. actually i heard from a little
bird that he was gonna ask out jill. that cool too.

well i'm pretty much it for now. so bye