2001-05-19 06:00:37 (UTC)

the worst pain of my life

INJURY #1: ok so i was shaving my pussy this afternoon while
preparing to get ready to go out and since i was running a
little late i was kinda rushing myself. well i went to go
spread the lips to you know get close shave and well tour 1/
2 of my fingernail off...most fucking painful thing i've
ever experienced...and i've had anal sex. ok so im staring
at the razor and cursing and screaming in pain and notice
that my fingernail is like in the razor...oh god it was so
gross and actually really hurts to
type...someone should feel sorry for me and like take care
of me or something. so the whole night im out and trying to
mack on boys i have to remember that there is a huge gauze
bandaid wrapped around my hand and that i should not smoke
with the injured hand cause umm boys dont like that kinda

INJURY #2: cut my knee shaving

INJURY #3: while walking around downtown sarah somehow
managed to clunk into my foot with her huge heeled shoes and
well cut my toe

INJURY #4: i wore those stupid shoes that i wore the night
tim and i went downtown and i had to walk from the top of
the 500 block down to narcissus while the leather straps
were digging into my the next day when we went to
the delray affair i had to go to eckard and buy like 7
dollar bandaids so my feet would stop bleeding...well i wore
them again cause im a fucking sucker for fashion and
needless to say i'll probably be buying those bandaids
again...i hate my bloody feet.

i had fun tonight...3 hotties to look at (thats a lot in my
book) i wouldn't talk to any of them cause i have this huge
fear of rejection all i need to hear is "you'd be hot if you
lost about 40 pounds" one more time and i seriously will
start building a nuse. i have to wake up soon to go dress
shopping so i need to cut this short. i probably could
ramble on and on about my evening. but it was
fun...hotties...good drinks...and lots o injuries what else
could you ask for.